5 Tips to Eliminate​ Surprises in Your Cases​

Join Tracers and PracticePanther for a free webinar on  “5 Tips to Eliminate Surprises in Your Cases.” Learn how you can utilize public and private records databases with 5 game-changing searches and how case management software can help increase your productivity. In this thirty minute webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Tips on finding people, locating assets and business information. 
  • Tips for conducting better due diligence.
  • Tools for online discovery – or digital footprint.
  • How to save time, cut costs, and avoid surprises.
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Time: 45 minutes

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Meet the speaker: Sam Alkoubey

Sam is the Head of Sales at PracticePanther, an all-in-one legal practice management software. Sam has a personal connection with loyal and new customers, as one of the first employees at PracticePanther. When he’s not helping customers, you can find him relaxing with his wife and their samoyed, Kiara.


Meet the speaker: Wendy Nestrud

Wendy, Product Specialist and Search Expert at Tracers, is an ally to both clients and partners. With extensive experience using the Tracers product, you will often find her training law firms to search public & private records in the most efficient way possible.



Meet the speaker: Chad Sands

Chad brings a diverse marketing skill set to Tracers after previously working at two prominent legal practice management software companies. He earned a BA in Film Production from University of Southern California and loves the 3 M’s: music, movies and marketing.